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On 6/21/2020 at 3:04 PM, maxim650 said:

Can anybody explain why fanatec are rated so highly. .?

what makes them better than the other wheels and pedals out there ?



They are the top-tier console compatible sim-racing gear company.

They are not the absolute best out there but they make gear that is "plug-and-play" for PS4 and XBONE. That makes them very sought after.

I own their clubsport BMW gt3 wheel, H-pattern shifter, clubsport V3 pedal set, clubsport handbrake and csl elite wheelbase.

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TBH i'm not entirely sure really. My experience with the CSL Elite hasn't been overly impressive. Came from a logitec G29. Certainly a step up from the G29 but i wouldnt say the cost compared to the G29 was justified.

Only thing the CSL Elite did was highlight to me actually what good value for money the logitech G29 is for an entry level wheel pedal set.

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