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GRID Autosport // The Story so Far

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The fact we announced GRID Autosport over a month ago is a bit of a scary thought but the launch being less than four weeks away is all kinds of exciting (if also a little scary).

One of our core objectives this time around was that we didn’t want to keep anybody in the dark, from day one we’ve been as open and honest as possible, while sharing as much information on the game as we possibly could, “We’re not talking about that yet” isn’t something we like to say all that often.

So while we’ve been busy talking about the game it’s possible that you may have missed something, it’s ok, we don’t hold it against you, the internet is a big place after all. If you have missed anything then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the recap of everything we’ve talked about so far!

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great guide and information just what i was looking for as i need to check up on something's before start organizing championships for my league.

much love <3 codies

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