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#WishlistWednesday 24/06/11


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1- Adjustable cockpit view (possibility to map it as we wish)
2 - possibility to switch manually between the cameras during replays
3 - Tyre choices (with real impact in performence on track depending the type of tyre choosen)

Thanks a lot for this promesing future rally simulator and keep up the good work!
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1 - Less Grip (it is in almost every second request here)
2 - Realistic damage and repairs (no more percentage, if you change a part it is fixed.)
3 - 2 more long stages (and their short/reverse options) for each location. They don't have to be actual stages, just represent the feel and character of the rallies.  

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ok..here my whishes..the base we have is realy great

1. most important...more locations+more tracks+more locations and more tracks (I would like to pay for additional stretch)
a additional trackmod support and a trackeditor ...what a dream :)
2. there are still a few wrong pacenotes, perhaps we could have a pacenot editor..and at it´s best voice controlled :)
3. perhaps it´s a lack of talent but in daily events i finish constant in the upper first third but in weelky and monthly it´s not possible. I go there a little more cautious, but not slow. are you counting the DNF´s with?
4. a better replay function with a save option would be nice
5. the carsetup needs a tyre choice
6. a good shared memory support for external HUD´s with Tyre usage, watertemp, oiltemp........ 
7. better trackIR support
8. ähhmmm next time more ..

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1. Germany! We somehow got that in our league this week, but we are unable to play it because it's not implemented to game yet.
2. More rights to admins to restrict league rules. (lock settings, aids etc...)
3. Fixed cars for leagues. We want to race in league with vanilla cars without singleplayer upgrades!
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1 Lower grip (especially when braking, see http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/6029/does-the-game-have-too-much-grip/p1 )
2 Adjusted (added) car weight- no noticeable weight balance play at the moment, and proper modelling of tire spin
3 Mod support (especially regarding possible new tracks to be made).
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1. Less grip on all cars but especially on monte carlo and 2010 wrc

2. Rally new Zealand

3. More immersion in championship/career mode. Right now it feels a bit dull the way you jump into the stage at the start of the rally. A good idea would be to use the same mechanism  you guys used on Colin Mcrae Rally 3. Back then it really felt as if you were really there, inside the car about to start a rally event :smiley: . Just to give you an idea watch from 0:00 to 1:35


Here’s what I mean:

   -Country description (small video with random parts of the stages)

   -Podium start

   -Marshal Car leaving the start line

   -My car leaving the time control zone

   -And most importantly the 20/30 seconds one waits at the start line just before starting the rally itself, with the marshals talking to your co-driver, lots of public staring at your lovely rally car and a timer that slowly ticks in the background. I used to love this feature in CMR 3 but maybe I'm the only one. Sometimes it's the small things...   

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1) More locations!(Australia maybe)

2) All cars for rallycross (or at least the most , not just a particular RX class)

3) Spectators to run fastly away from the road to the sides when the car coming! l was loving this feature in some older colin mac rae game.. :p :#
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