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#WishlistWednesday 24/06/11


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As my poll showed...

1. Try to add a VW Scirocco to rally - I know it's not a rallycar... But still =P 
2. Your main focus should be to add new stages for upcoming and existing rallies. 2 is unacceptable. - I do not care if they are based on real tracks or fictional. 
3. 2nd focus, add more locations. 6 on release is a little lackluster. Personally I want more heavy gravel rallies, like italy sardegna or australia. And also a lakeside/seaside rally.

I have over 40 hrs on the clock in this game according to steam. 1 of these 40+ is what i've spent on hillclimb.
This game has amazing gameplay. But not enough playroom yet.
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For me most important thing is:

1. Cockpit camera adjusting
2. Different tyres compound
3. Peace notes editor (maybe you remember very old rally game - Toyota Celica GT Rally  for Amiga - there was an editor, very simple but very usefull).
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Thanks, been having fun with this and here are the three most important things that come to mind at this point:

1. More unique and long stages, also in current locations. Possibility to drive them with any car and in any direction, for example Pikes Peak downhill with rallycars, etc. Also something with road profile like Fujimi Kaido in Forza would be fun, hillclimb & downhill. Also more gravel stages/rallies, and please get that rally Finland road profile as realistic as possible. Fast wide roads, big blind jumps sideways. Usually deep ditches on both sides of road. Some smaller roads.
2. Continue improving FFB, controls and support for more controllers. The new model is great step, but still has a lot of work to do. The feeling of  connection with front wheels is not yet there. I'd like to have more constant feel of the front wheels, surface and what is happening with the grip. Locking front wheels, understeer, gravel, mud, water, snow, ice, snow slush. Also sometimes there are odd undulations or oscillation in the force if driven with stronger FFB, which also makes the car undulate if wheel cannot be held still enough. They are like amplifying each other.
3. Possibility to adjust viewing angles and camera positions.
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789ifyz said:
1. Any weather (including lightning/thunder) for Any track with separate sliders for weather and time of day.

2. Biscuit and Chocolate liveries...
- you did say we could ask for anything.

If we get livery support and a Fiesta R5 or S2000, I'll make you Robbie Barrable's car

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1 - More variety of conditions per rally location.
2 - Focus on rally. Try to get the cars you have on your wall and, if you can, a few extras, like de new Skoda Fabia R5.
3 - Maintain currently planned rally locations and add more stages to them.
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I would like to have : 
PLEASE,PLEASE 1) manual lights , manual brake bias adjusting in game
 2) manual launch control ( launch control is not just holding the handbrake ! It's a button that puts the engine at perfect RPM to optimise the launch [more modern vehicles])
3)More random failures + possibility to change tires or try to fix car on the side of the road .
 Thanks codemasters !!!
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Hello :)

My wishes are:

1- less grip and weaker brakes, and more reality things, like choose tyres, tyres getting used.. etc

2 - Much more locations and cars, Hill climbs, we can't stay just with the pikes speak. hopefully you continue the development after the finished version!!

3 - Very good tools to make online championships and events!! 

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Hi, there ;) 

1-Better graphic optimisation for low pc 
2-In replay mode put a  "fix spectator view"
3-Polo Wrc ,Ds3 Wrc, Lancer evo IV and VI, toyota celica st 185, 206 wrc, BMW M1 rally car. Subaru Legacy, Subaru impreza  '99,
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Well, I've got the game since it was released. I had played so many times and yes... I LOVE IT!
But here are so things to add to my wishlist:

+Adjustable cockpit
+Upgrade the lights, they don't look real enough.
+Please! I want to see my name at the window :(
   ++And if I could put a friends name for co-driver, should be awesome.
+I need to see more cars! Starting before and after me. I want to see cars break down in middle of the road, maybe pieces on halfway. I feel like I'm racing by my own.
+Better crash engine (I think you are working on it for the last updates, but should be nice to know about it ;) )
+Animals crossing the road should be awesome!
+I want to hear the classic whistle when a car is coming.
+Not so important, but I will love if I can choose my helmet (no personalized desings, I mean, oficial helmets, Sparco, OMP, Peltor)
+Some media waiting for the car at the end of stage
+If I get a puncture between a no service stage, I need to stop to change the tyre, that maybe cause I get late to my next control and give me penalty ;)

+Definitely... One of the jobs from co-driver is "sing" the notes at rythim the car is going in the road, making the driver pushing harder or going carefully, working on that one should be awesome :)
+at some stages, the co-driver cut a note and after a few seconds continue with it. That's ok! But make it more natural and randomized (I think it's an error, more than a intentional thing)
+After the last stage of a rally, I want to see my co-driver offering his hand to celebrate (something like DIRT 1, when co-driver gets angry or happy)

+Believe me, I get struggled to be every day (average) on top 100, top 50. A bonus for that should be nice ;)

+I'm an amateur rally co-driver, I will LOVE if you can make the pace notes for download. Reading the notes to a friend and turn off the game co-driver should be a REAL multiplayer rally game :D 

Of course, I want to see more cars, more rally stages, better graphics, crash engine, car adjustements, tyre changes, like all the others. But I know that stuff will arrived time by time. I think tyre grip is fine :)

Codemasters... YOU REALLY MADE IT HERE! I get crazy on every single stage, This is THE TOP of the rally games, I had played every single Colin Mcrae and Dirt and this one is THE BEST!
I want to say it: CONGRATULATIONS, keep working team, you are great!

Greets from Mexico City :)
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1. Test/Free Roam area like a field as seen in Colin McRae Rally, or short loops.
2. Replay should allow camera to stay in TV Broadcast (external camera) angle without switching between different views.
3.The dirt on the car by stage end only appears on some rallies...not in Greece for example or am I missing something.

Fantastic game, I LOVE it :)
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I went to the trouble of writing a very nice comment on this discussion and... it was not approved? It's no where to be seen and I do not feel like re-writing it because I am irritated. I feel like there is something wrong with these forums because this is not the first time this has happened, and it's very frustrating when you feel like you're not being heard after taking the time to participate in the discussion.
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1. Not sure if this is limited by rendering--"Longer" stages (i.e linking two "Long" stages together), such as combining Route de Turini and Col de Turini Depart. Then we can go over the Col! 
2. Decreasing the grip slightly, so things are more slippy. (This could be misunderstood because it's not like the game isn't a challenge, but I think we just want more angle in the slides to further that sensation of throwing the weight of the car around...flicks, drifts...etc.)
3. Funny calls from the co-driver if you scare him and almost go off a cliff or lose control and regain it just as you go through the cattle guard... for example, the classic "Oh dear god" or "Samir! You are not listening to my calls!" or "Concentrate!"

Since we have a limit 3 (like the Rio Grande margaritas in Colorado), I must stop here.
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