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Uncontrollable car after safety car restart

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Hi guys,

Something very weird happened during a race and I was wonder if anyone can help me or if this has happened to annyone else?

We were racing in Canada (50%) and simulation damage.  We had 7 laps left when the saftey car came out and I was on mediums front was 16% worn and rear was worn 24%.  The safety car went back in and race restarted.  The car felt fine for about a lap and then out of nowhere I had very heavy vibrations on my wheel the whole time and the car was completely undriveable.  I went to pit for new soft tyres and the problem was solved.  I went through all the MFD screens, No temperature warnings or any punctures.  I can't think that I ran over any debris or anything significant happened that could cause this.  

I really don't want this to happen again.  Can anyone please help?


Kind regards

Stephan de Jager

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A rapid decline on tyre performance is a real thing in F1 and it is by design. It is called the cliff by some and that's what drivers are referring to when they say their tyres are "shot". As the name suggests, the decline in performance is steep. There's no mistaking it.

However around 25% wear seem a bit too low to me. Like, by a huge margin. Maybe you had a puncture? 

Otherwise I'm clueless.

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