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PS4 | OSRL F1 | Season 3 | Sign-Ups Open | Fridays at 8pm CET | Recruiting Drivers of all skill levels

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The Sign-Ups for our 3rd season of the OSRL starting on the 24th of July are open now! Our grid in both of our current tiers is already the most competitive one we’ve seen so far and we want it to be even bigger and more competitive! We’ve got drivers of every skill level in the league, so it doesn’t matter if you are fairly new to league racing and are just picking up your pace or if you’re very fast, we’ve got the perfect Tier for everyone.

We currently have 2 tiers running at 8pm CEST on Fridays right now, but we’re hoping to get a third tier in for Season 3!

Our driver lineups are going to be based off evaluation races at the start of F1 2020.

Our race settings are a short qualifying + a 50% race!

If you want to watch a few of our season 2 races, go check out our YouTube channel:


If you’ve got the time and want to race in the OSRL, you can sign up using the form below:

Sign-Up form: https://forms.gle/HYLkFrQpofo8XrQ28

You can also join our Discord to get all the latest updates on the OSRL:


In F1 2019, we’ve also got an charity event coming up on the 27/28th of June with an full qualifying on Saturday and an 100% race on Sunday, where we’re going to be racing together with the MRL (Malicious Racing League) and we’ll try to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter foundation.

We can't wait for F1 2020 to come and we also hope to see a lot of you guys on track once the season starts!

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