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looking for european or USA league on pc no assist beginers 2 years experience

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I have being racing on F1 2019, single player with no assist full damage 50% race sitting in car with no halo. I have Fanatec wheel pedal and v2.5, I am serious about my racing but like clean racing. I would not mind be part of a USA European League or Commonwealth or Australian group. I am in Texas central time and race would have to be weekend at least before or after the real race. I am not the best driver but also not the wurst. I feel I am ready to make my next commitment to online racing. The league must be compose with clean participant sharing the same enthusiast I have. wish with no assist as close to real thing no assist. I speak French and English and was born In Canada Quebec. I am 64  years young. If you do think I could join you or what you are offering is close to what I am searching please contact me. Soon I will guet F1 2020 as it come out.




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