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Unable to create profile to start VR game


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I am unable to even start playing Dirt Rally 2 VR.

I start Steam VR, use my controller to select the game, which then plays a cinematic scene. It then asks me to complete a profile, but I am unable to enter anything as neither the hand controllers or keyboard work. There is already a letter 'V' in the 'First Name' field, with a text curser beside it which I can't move, and my Steam username is already in the surname field.

I have also tried starting the game by clicking Play directly on Dirt Rally 2 in Steam (rather than launching Steam VR first) and selecting 'Launch Dirt Rally 2.0 in Steam VR mode'. That has the exact same effect except there is also no sound if I do it that way.

Do I have to try starting the game in non-VR first just to set up the profile?


Platform: Steam 
Headset: HTC Vive Cosmos Elite 
PC setup: Dell XPS 8700 with Core i74790, NVIDIA GTX1060, 16gb DDR3 RAM, Windows 10 
Standard or Deluxe user: Standard (far as I know!) 
Non-standard peripherals connected: Logitech G603 mouse, Wacom Intuos 5 tablet

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this issue is known since vr version release reported multiple times and obviously ignored by CM.

the same bug (inability to enter text in VR) is present in rename car setup option which result in the need of kill/restarting the game. just imagine it at time you are in the middle of championship.

Anyway, in your case run the game in monitor mode, go through onboarding process. Then rerun game in VR. but remember: do not even try to rename any of your setups.


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