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Spreadsheet for setups and performance in Career mode

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I made an Excel spreadsheet to organize my setups, track my performance, and give me an insight on the AI levels.

There are two worksheets in it. The first is for the setups and performance. There's a table for each GP and it is sectioned with the car setup and a few items I find interesting in the Practice Programs and the Qualifying rounds. Alongside the car setups you have slots to fill with setups you find online and there are two columns that will give you (1) the median average for a given slider and (2) the mode average for it – i.e. which value is the most common one, if there is one. This way if you gather a bunch of setups but some of them are outliers, it is easier to identify which ones are on the "right" ballpark. Under the setups you'll be mostly filling in with fuel usage and time laps for the different practice programs and the qualifying. There are rows to compare those laps with (1) your teammate, (2) the 1st CPU in the grid and (3) the 6th CPU in the grid. It goes without saying but you can change those parameters to your heart's desire.

The second worksheet is to get a hold on the AI levels. Since your teammate is your first rival, I usually try to set the AI at a level where I'm in unceasing fight with him, either having an edge or infrequently topping him depending if I am the team’s 1st or 2nd driver. From what I heard, you should dial it up or down 1-2 notches for each 0.1 second difference, but this is my first racing game in more than a decade, it is hard as hell to get it right because I’m often improving during that session. To thwart that, instead of simply filling the worksheet with the race AI level, I do a simple average of the whole GP accordingly to the data on the main worksheet.

In this second worksheet you will just fill in the AI level, the qualy laps for you, your teammate and the 1st and 6th CPU, and their respective best laps on the race. There are formulas in the delta rows and formatting rules in the cells so it should automatically calculate the delta and highlight the whole thing dependent on it being a positive or negative delta. I did a chart with the qualy deltas just to ease the visualization part of it too, but it came out dreadful.

I am using a custom number format for the lap times on the whole workbook. It is [mm]:ss,000 or ss,000 depending on the context. Sorry about the comma, that’s the decimal separator I primarily use on my country and I wasn’t feeling like fiddling with Excel’s underbelly just to adapt it for the rest of the world.

The file is partially filled up and it is a mishmashly hodgepodge jumble of numbers. This is not the original file and I wasn’t meticulous on duplicating everything, but at least you’ll hit the ground running already.

I'm more of a Word guy, though, and it really shows. The workbook is as ugly as they come. But my intentions were good! Those with a keen eye may notice I used a few official hex codes when color coding some elements...

F1 2019 Setups and Career Performance.xlsx

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Thanks. I did some low key modifications and I am planning on adding a whole new worksheet with a breakdown of the setup sliders and quick fixes for common problems too. Hopefully I can put it out before F1 2020 release.

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