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Dirt Rally leagues manager issues and suggestions


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Some quick observations on the leagues manager:

- I find myself being served a 500 server error when trying to create multiple events in a single season
- It looks like CSS takes a lot of time to load and style the page.
- When there is an active season, in the leagues home section and for that season there is a button "edit season". Although you get to the managing section of the season and you are able to add more events, the "finished" button does nothing (you are forever stuck in the managing section without being able to alter anything)
- While there is an active season, there is no way to set up the next one (same "finished" button problem as the above)
- Creating a new season, erases the old one and with it all the points data and winners.

- A manager can choose to allow event or stage restarts but this info is not available to contestants through the leagues page. I think this info should be clearly visible as it can create advantages/disadvantages between drivers
- I believe there should be a disqualified button alongside the penalty sanctions
- There should be an info box for every driver in case of sanctions (for the manager to justify his actions)
- I think that there should be a way to see a complete itinerary of an event (in contrast to being able to see it stage-by-stage only) and to be able to see when there will be services available. 
- Maybe make it clearer that the service selection under each stage is for a service before the start of that stage
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