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[PC F1 2020] GRL Season 2 - Assists (Friday & Saturday) & No Assists (Sunday & Monday) Series [Both 7PM CEST]

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We are a group of League racers looking for fun and some competitive people who are willing to join. These races will occure on the F1 2020 game. We are a group founded this year and are looking to expand our group, there are a lot of spots left if you would like to join, feel free!

Grant League Racing race every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday at 7PM CEST.

We have 2 Tiers each, so 2 with assists and 2 without assists. You are only allowed to sign-up for one tier, once all seats are taken you will be put on hold or into the reserve roles.

We are looking for skilled and CLEAN drivers.

There will be stewards watching the races but we will also need digital proof if anything ever happens without us knowing, these people will be awarded penalties.

If you want to be able to join Tier 1, show us your best Time Trial lap times to be able to participate in this tier, this goes for the people without assists, you will also have to show proof of you not using any assists (a screenshot will do). These will have to be shown before a certain date (further information on the discord server). These time trial laps will be from 3 different tracks -> Australia, Britain & Brazil. These Lap times will be validated from the F1 2019 game.

As for the Tier 2 drivers (with assists) goes the same.

We may make an extra tier if enough people join Grant League Racing.

There will be multiple seasons during the 2020-2021 season, as there will be 12 races held per season, to create more championships and more exciting races. There will be a poll set up for the tracks, the top 12 tracks voted will be chosen for the f1 season calender.

If you would like to join, join the server, with this you accept to be a league member and except all rules (shown on the discord server channel, rules & regulations) if this is not the case consequences will follow. Go to League ‘Sign-ups’ to sign-up.

We are starting from 17th July!

You win some, you lose some, but most importantly Enjoy your time racing!!!


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