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Another featured event?!

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I just wanted to add my thanks to @RedDevilKT and @BarryBL for making this happen.

I have unlocked all achievements in F1 2010 (Xbox 360 & Windows versions), F1 2011 (Xbox 360 & Windows versions), F1 2012 (Xbox 360), F1 Race Stars (Xbox 360), F1 2013 (Xbox 360), F1 2014 (Xbox 360), F1 2015 (Xbox One), F1 2016 (Xbox One), F1 2017 (Xbox One), F1 2018 (Xbox One & Windows versions).

Completing games (100% of achievements) is something I massively enjoy, and I almost exclusively play racing games.

Due to a massive backlog of racing games and a busy work / family life I hadn't actually got around to playing F1 2019 yet (even though I purchased it at launch). I had just started playing it recently when I realised that the Weekly / Featured Events were no longer active . . . I was SO disappointed that I wouldn't be able to complete 2019 and I came to these forums to see if others felt the same. Thankfully the community voiced their desire for more events and, more impressively . . . you listened.

So a massive THANK YOU to all involved.

I am now currently playing both Xbox One & Windows versions of F1 2019 happy in the knowledge that I can complete them!!! (P.S. I noticed the 3 "Event" achievements have been removed from the Windows Store version!!!)

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Thank you @RedDevilKT and @BarryBL. Do we have to get all 3 practice sessions so that the achievement unlocks? If so, my power went out as soon as I started practice session 1, (talk about timing). Which meant I did not get to participate at all and it skipped 1 of the practice session. Will this void the achievement? If so, no worries I will wait till the next event.

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i am only guessing here. Since F1 is racing a real GP this week, CM is providing us with a GP event. I would guess that the next weekend that F1 is off, the better the chances of seeing a featured event.  CM has always tried to have GP events during real F1 race weekends and featured events on off weekends. This year is somewhat of an oddball for events as we in a very odd year of for the F1 schedule due to the virus. Hang in there, I’m sure there will be one. As I hate featured events, I’m not looking forward to them myself. I prefer to race GP events, against real players, not the AI. I don’t care how well I preform compared to the AI but other real players. Featured events are equal to re-spawning shooter games. I  quit playing them because everything turned into a run & gun with no skill in trying to stay alive. Our scores should be voided if we rerun a featured event just as the GP events. Featured events are lame, to me. Good luck on the track!

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@RedDevilKT Hello!

The concern is about the 3 achievements of the console, the same 3 removed from the computer version.

  • Weekend Warrior - Complete a Weekly Grand Prix
  • The Whole Event - Complete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix

These 2 seemed to work until 4 of october.

  • Featured Racer - Complete a Featured Event

This one seemed to work until 12 of october.


I'm asking if the issue with them is back (no more events) or it's just the timing. =)

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On 10/20/2020 at 7:46 AM, RedDevilKT said:

@Tatl360 There are still events going on for F1 2019. Both featured and weekly grand prix events, these are on a schedule however so you may not get them back-to-back (i.e. featured after grand prix etc) but they are still scheduled for each week. 

Hi I am currently working away from home at the moment and not sure when I would be able to fly back home. How long would the weekly Grand Prix continue for? I might not be back until April, really looking forward to getting the platinum though 

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Posted (edited)

@RedDevilKT @BarryBL

a bit late, thanks for solving the problem for f1 2019, but i didn't find any forum threads for 2018 with official responses from you guys...

would be the rotation solution, possibly be adapted for the events on F1 2018 as well? Or even just extending the date on the existing ones

a lot of people would appreciate that, as we are locked to get 100% on this achievement

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