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[F1 2020 PC] Lights Out Racing [Assists & No Assists] @ 8:30 PM EDT (North & South America)

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Looking for a league in the Americas that will be racing on F1 2020?

Lights Out Racing is looking for clean and competitive drivers! Full-time and reserve seats are available.

The second half of the season will begin after our summer break on July 18th with the new F1 2020! 

The second LOR season will start on September 1st. Driver signups will open soon!

All league races will start at 20:30 New York Time, which is 8:30 PM EDT.

The non-assist tier is racing Tuesday nights.

Assists Tier 1 races on Saturday nights and Tier 2 races Thursday Nights.

All races are streamed with commentators on Twitch!

Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/SgxB8gr

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