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The Elephant in the room *Update, it has been righted. Thanks CM

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As per forum guidelines, I am not naming names nor am I pointing a finger at anyone. I think the F1 community needs to see what is happening right now on PS4 during this week's Featured Event at spa. I am simply posting a picture where you all can see for yourself what is going on. It stands out like a sore thumb. Codemasters please find out why It is not raining for some players in the Spa Featured Event and please take action to remove them from the Leaderboard. We work too hard to be beaten due to what can only be described as a corruption in the Event itself. People need to see this so it can be addressed by the devs and righted. This is the top of the Leaderboard. You're looking at 1 through 13. 12 is highlighted for no reason other than to move the bar out of the top 10. I should add as well that I tried not pitting and going the extra laps on the drys in the wet to see if that is what happened... conclusion is a big nope. Got maybe 3 turns and zero traction. Like an ice rink. 


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I bet the driver with AI lvl 60 has a big old smile right now.

I had a few cracks at the event earlier on. Those AI cars were incredibly fast on a wet track with dry tires on 110. I kept losing like three seconds over a single sector when the weather shifted. That Williams would have needed some setup work on it. Hated driving it, like any traction control car. I seem to have no idea how to drive with it. Locking and oversteering under braking, sharp turn-in followed by massive understeer followed with oversteer on the exit.. ugh. And that's before it started raining.

Anyways, nice result. You know your standing even if some pixels are in the wrong place. :classic_tongue:

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