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XB1 - IFR Esports (European/UK League) - Sign Ups Welcome for our Weekly Tuesday Night Races

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IFR have been racing F1 games since the Xbox 360, and are renowned for our community-led, casual (yet competitive) spirit of racing.

It's all about having fun at high speed. We are now recruiting additional drivers for our F1 2020 league, and welcome drivers of all abilities to join us for a trial. All we ask is you're clean and committed, and willing to help us develop the league into a competitive and fun environment with a solid, consistent turnout.  

Here's the details:

Day: Tuesday 8pm BST, Every Week 

League Setup: (may be subject to change depending on the state of the game)

  • F1 2020 Cars
  • Equal Performance
  • Short Qualifying
  • 50% Races
  • Full Setup 
  • Strict Corner-Cutting 
  • 12-14 race season (tracks undecided yet)
  • Assists Allowed (Except Braking Assist & Pit Assist)

We maintain our own independent league tables. We want to get a solid community together for the 2020 game, before we begin looking towards future seasons and multi-tier levels based on competitiveness. 


We are looking to go racing on the first or second Tuesday in August. If you'd like to be there for the opener message myself, ScotteyF1, on Xbox Live or on this forum, or reply to this thread to arrange a short trial with a couple of admins. We'll also invite you to our Discord group, where we post all communications.

Thanks guys, hope to see you online/hear from you soon.

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