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[PC] LNR is looking for drivers - 25%, 50%, 100% leagues - sign-up now!

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Late Night Racing (LNR) is heading into Season 4 which will be played on F1 2020. We are looking for drivers to take part in our leagues:


League 25 - 25% race, one-shot quali, every Tuesday and Thursday

League 50 - 50% race, short quali, every Wednesday and Sunday

League 100 - 100% race, short quali, every Friday


We also organise special events every Saturday night:

- LNR World Cup - national teams from all over the world driving to win gold for their countries

- LNR Olympic Games

- Classic car events

- Drive to Survive - our weekly no-rules competition

- 5-lap Sprint Series

- Endurance Series

- Rewriting the history

- Test races

- Hall of fame inductions of best drivers


We are a european-based league, but we have drivers from all continents. Our races take place every night at 23.30 CET / 22.30 UK / 17:30 ET.

We broadcast the races live with commentary on our Twitch channel.

We are also looking for commentators/streamers and people who would love to become part of our admin team.

Interested? Great - then join our huge community on Discord https://discord.gg/RJ5HFnG



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still looking for drivers

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