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Grid Autosport Review


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My 1st 15 hours with Grid Autosport.

How did I get access to this you ask? Here's the shortish version.
I'd just upgraded and sent my old parts to a friend who is currently out of work in Greece. Hi Miatakias :D

He NEEDED to upgrade and no-one I knew wanted the bits. So off they went.
He fitted them but after he installed his current GFX card drivers he got blank screen. Nothing we tried fixed it nor did any suggestions from these forums or others.
Then I stumbled on an official 5 month old thread on their site saying a fix is still weeks away.
Having 2 AMD 6970's on the go and a pair of replacements planned, I decided to send him one of my 6970's as well. For me it meant playing half speed for a while but at least I COULD play.

Loore had sent me a message and asked me about Miatakias' problem, I told him the above story and that the GFX card was going soon. 
Miatakias was over the moon with the parts when we got them running and asked if I was going to buy GAS? if so he wanted to buy it for me as thank you for the parts I'd sent.

I contacted Loore later to let him know all was now ok with the PC and how Miatakias reacted, I got this back.
"Loore May 10
Tell him not to buy your copy, I've got it covered :) Consider it a reward for helping make the GRID community a better place."
Cool, a freebe for bein a nice guy and helping someone out :)

To my surprise, when Loore contacted me again. He supplied me with a passcode for the game plus the access to the press preview levels and cars we've seen in vids. Stroll on!
All hush, hush till now so here goes..
A week with Grid Autosport.

16 hours played and tested as I write this and upload some eyefinity vids.

1st off. The big one... The handling, Is it any good? Did they listen to all the whining we did?

Ooooohhh yes, it's good, VERY good, and yes again, they did listen to us fans of old and acted on it (or most of it so far?).
FINALLY! After years of waiting, we get a trueblooded, direct descendant of Grids epic gameplay. 
Grippy cars on tarmac that you need to DRIVE to succeed. Slide any race car about like you had to in Grid 2 and you'll fail at the first corner.

Driving Autosport right on the limits of speed vs grip round Istanbul Park intermediate and the old grey matter started fizzing again, those Grid ingrained responses to what I was seeing on screen and feeling through the wheel took over and the Grin was back.

The assists are of the same style as Grid 1, where turning them off made every car soo much harder to control leading to slower lap times. 
Paradoxically though turning off the assists in GAS lead to the opposite, better times than I got when they were on. I might have been fighting with the stability control instead of letting it do its job here.
Precise throttle control is critical for success but you reap the rewards for such restraint. so analogue controllers or wheels will do well, no idea regarding KB as I never had much in the way of KB skills to start with.

Bear in mind this is press preview and not full release. Only 4GBs it's just the core game elements I'm playing with. I'm playing on this lot. 

AMD 9590 @5GHz, Asus Sabretooth Rev 2, 16GB DDR3 @2133MHz, Sapphire 8GB R9 290X all running 3 screens @ 5932x1080 maxxed out GFX, AA, AF settings etc with 50 fps as a minimum. Using my old and trusted DFGT wheel for the tricky bits.

So Here's some vids of the basic career modes, Most are in eyefinity taken using fraps and saved using windows live movie maker. 

1st up, Touring cars Istanbul Park Intermediate.

The racing is just as much fun as the original Grid was for me. trading paint with a bit of shoulder barging here and there, got slapped by the corner cut system, so that works. 
The "x5 race" option made for same fun racing over 15 or 20 laps but be warned, In 1 event  I lead from pole and no contact with the AI cars, I lost 5th gear all the rest were fine this made the last 2 laps  somewhat interesting.


Street Racing, Washington in the Mini Cooper S Works

Trying to get the "lift off" corners just right was soo much fun. as was trying to get clean passes.
 I DID manage a complete race with no contact in this class but it was hard to get, you'll see why....


Drift Tuner, An essential for myself and a few others around here.

Ruined in Grid 2 with tea tray on ice handling, Drift's back to the circuits (or 1 at least in the preview) Tracks are split into "Score sectors" so no multilap chains of drifts scaring off all but the pro's.
Precise control inputs are a must here if you want to look like a pro 
You can still hoon it like a BOSS with style and get points, I'm off for some much needed practice....;D 


Open Wheel, Yas Marina (and dodgy cockpit view)

Slipstreaming is back just a shame the cockpit view looks like it's "unfinished" or an "afterthought"  at best and so it's of no practical use to the headcam, hud off players.
The mirrors are like impresionist black and white paintings of the skyline behind you. 
Like a tiny wee policeman pops up wherever you look saying "Nothing to see here, move along..." This has to be unfinished or the Modders got some work to do again....
Again though, it's only the press preview surely it'll be better for launch day


Endurance, be careful, this category bites.... No pit stops.

Tyre wear in Grid? HUH? Well much as I wouldn't have missed it, it does add a big tactical element to your driving. In an 8 minute race grip dissapears like an ice cube in a volcano, I kid you not.
1st try, I shot off into the blue, by the end of a lap I shredded 20% in less than 1:30 and had none for the end. You really neeed to nurse the tyres as on the 2nd try I used only 6% in one lap and still won the race albeit with 30 and 32% left of the rear tyres. 
Pit stops would help here but it's about tyre management instead of outright speed.


As I said above it's the core of the game here and no where near complete, though with the way it handles, looks and plays right now I would be buying a copy without a shadow of a doubt.

Ferreted about in the mp section and found a few gems when looking at tracks,
You might wanna add to the confirmed track list RallyDriven :)

Autodromo Do Algarve
Hong Kong
Red Bull Ring
Autosport Raceway
aaaaand SPAAAA!!!

No other tracks/locations listed and no cars as a load is still locked in career mode or limited by it being in essence an abridged and unfinished version. 

If I find out there's more to it between now and launch I'll keep you posted while I work on some more vids.
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Good reading rastus.
You must be glad now you finally can talk about it.   :D

Got a question though.
The difficulty lvl you are playing on in those vids is that the hardest?
Because it doesn't look that hard tbh.
If it is the hardest to which difficulty lvl is it compared to grid1?
Is it harder then the ninja lvl even it doesn't look like it.
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Great gesture Rastus. Nice one Loore. 

Happy to hear about the handling and some tracks like IST or Spa :)

Grid 1.2 wet dream coming true?

PS. Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace is Interlagos! Hope Okutama is a version from G1 and Barcelona is a F1 track :)

Interlagos isn't in the game unfortunately. It was a place holder but sadly it never came to be. 

Barcelona is a street track, racing open wheels around it is great fun :)
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No it was on hard not hardest settings but all features are subject to changes as per the release notes I got.

Plus if memory serves me Ninja settings for G1 only came up if you beat the game on hardest settings in career mode.

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PS. Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace is Interlagos! Hope Okutama is a version from G1 and Barcelona is a F1 track :)

Didn't know that was Interlagos actual name, Hope you're right about Okutama being the curcuit from G1 and not the point to point from G2, As for Barcelona, in the game its the Barcelona city tracks from G2 judging by the map layouts 
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First of all i want to thank you an other time here on forums for what you gifted me my friend Rastus  ^:)^
I will never forget what you did for me :-h

Also Loore very good gesture to gift the game to Rastus and before release date , and more the day that he had just got his new video card.. :-bd

Now about the review and videos i watched...

Its obvious anymore that GAS  is very close to Grid 1 according to these videos and rastus review...
There is not this crazy drift in corners and too arcade physics-handling we had in Grid 2 , the confirmed track's list is already great including tracks like SPA  <:-P  , Bathrust , Istanbul and some old good city tracks like Washington , San franchisco etc...
The 5 deferent disciplines seems completely deferent about handling (for example in Grid 2 the handling was the same no matter the discipline , drift etc or the kind of car open wheels etc) all were same...
I have already loved open wheels and i believe i will play more  this  than F1 2013..

And now some things must be fixed :

-Its absolutely necessary to be added text chat (streaming would be the best) in any of the upcoming updates 
-As well spectate mode ( at least for PC  version , chat is not important for consoles , plus oild consoles can not obviously handle spectate mode)
-Cockpit view has poor graphics and it's not detailed ...If codies can not make it more detailed (for PC at least, for the same reason i refered above) , codies should  let modders to make it for them (with full online compatibility etc)
I am absolutelly positive for GAS , what i have seen until this time i like a lot , i will buy the game for sure (i may preorder it) and if these issues i refered above  be fixed , i am so confident that we will have a better game than Grid 1  \:D/
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Thanks for posting your thoughts @SRS13Rastus1701

I'm really excited for this game now. The recently released information and positive feedback from a couple of sources tell me that I'll have plenty of fun with this one :D

Have you had a chance to try Touring cars? Are they too 'slidey' in your view?
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Not a hint of the G2 slide to hold your speed stuff. 
YES you CAN get it to slide but you lose way too much speed for it to be effective.

think G2 GFX and G1 handling and you're on the money.

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Goonertez said:
Yeah nice read, will watch when at home kudos to Rastus and CM.

Assie...the hardest level will be online....and always will be 8D

Flowa...Cant wait to meet you on SPA!! 8D
True very true.
But I also like to play SP of racegames besides online, and it doesn't hurt if it is challenge.
I rather restart the race about 20 times because it is to hard then winning it on the hardest level with a finger up my nose so to say.   :D

But that invite to flowa does this means what I think it means?
And you gonna pre-order or is state of mind the same as the last time we spoke about it.  :)
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I'm impressed with what I saw.  Looks like I'll be ordering. The Yas Marina racing video had me confused after playing so much F1 2013.   

Also, I live approx 60 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  So glad they included it. 

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OGFedfan said:

I'm impressed with what I saw.  Looks like I'll be ordering. The Yas Marina racing video had me confused after playing so much F1 2013.   

Also, I live approx 60 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  So glad they included it. 

you should see it in Grid 2 then it's even weirder driving it reversed as you have to for one of the races
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