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Grid Autosport Review

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Gui1 said:
Loore, can you give out some footage of the game running on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?
Here's some over-the-shoulder Xbox 360 footage from London Comic Con (supposedly--though I see a mouse on the table, which suggests PC, but @Loore can probably confirm the setup):

Strange FOV in that vid, seems like the chase cam is way too low, like you cant see the car in front almost, @Loore can the view height be altered by the player?.
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E3 is next week, i'm sure loads more footage will be uploaded next week from various sources.

Personally though, I don't intend to watch anymore video.  I was convinced back in November, and i've seen enough new footage now through the forum to reamin so.  I'd like to discover some "wow - awesome!" moments for myself!  X_X
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Why the hell i cant buy new parts to these cars and upgrade them more. That kind of things made Gran Turismo and Forza great. There is no game like that on PC. I think buying new engine parts and modifying the car is the most interesting thing in these games. First you start with basic model, then you get money and upgrade that car, it brings so much to the game but no, everything must be so simple and easy for these kids to play! Please someone make that kind of racing game on PC
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You get loaner cars in Career, you get them in multiplayer as well.

Until you earn enough to buy a car you cannot upgrade, modify or tune online loaner cars.

Once you own a car it gets XP and levels up, as you level up you gain access to more complex setup options for that car.
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