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Dirt Rally - Tarmac Terror - TEST REVIEW


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"I go now back to rFactor2 until the changes. Cause now, i cannot drive. This is to arcade and for gamepads.
Wales and Greek was ok. Tarmac NO !!"

Just a couple of points:
1. Do you understand what "Early Access" means?
2. When you go back to your beloved RFactor 2, try powersliding around every corner during a race, then post the video here. Should be interesting.
You might want to ask why all the other drivers aren`t powersliding.
 That`s a rhetorical question because the answer is...sliding round corners on tarmac is slower than taking corners without sliding.
I think there are two issues here:
 One is the "if it`s super-hard it must be realistic" fallacy *, and second, if you really want a "sim" which makes it easy for you to slide on tarmac, you don`t want a simulator at all.
 You want an arcade game.
 I hear Dirt 3 is still quite cheap, perhaps that would be more suitable, as it has Gymkhana.
Good luck with RF2 :-)

* A little story here:
Ayrton Senna was one of the greatest F1 drivers ever.
When, in 1992, Nigel Mansell won the F1 Championship in a car that did virtually everything for the driver except steer the thing, do you think Senna stomped off sulking and complaining that the Williams wasn`t a proper car, no skill required etc. ?
 No, Senna hounded Frank Williams into signing him; because he wanted to win. Whatever tech the car had was irrelevant to him because he was a winner and Williams were dominating F1 at that time.
Ironically though, Senna didn`t get a drive with Williams for another two years, by which time the tech had been banned by the FIA, because of William`s dominance. and with the tech removed, The Williams cars were pretty useless.
Games such as Grand Prix Legends and RBR were no more realistic than TOCA and CMR, just harder.

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