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Developer Tags | What they mean?


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So, you've posted a bug report, and there’s a little red tag in the top left added to it. Firstly, we've now read and investigated your report. Make sure you have all the information needed and replication numbers attached.

Now to explain our tags:

  • Awaiting Bug Report & Awaiting Information - Simple really. Your bug report isn’t finished yet and we need information. Please use the template in FULL and complete the report. We ask that information because we need it!
  • Awaiting Replication - Your bug report may be finished, but we need to know if it’s a regular issue. If we can't replicate it, we can't fix it. This is where accurate methods of replication are key. We recommend testing 4 times, always starting a new session, and recording all results. Get to the track 😛 
  • Awaiting Video – Videos, especially for on-track incidents, are vital for us to understand your issue and problem. Please add one so the dev’s can see what you are trying to show them.
  • With Developers - Your bug report is complete, replication numbers and details added. Good work! It is now at the attention of our Developer team who will investigate and, potentially, fix your issue 
  • Solution Offered - Either CM or one of your fellow community members has offered a solution. Test it out and come back to us.
  • Solved - We've fixed it! Thanks to your report(s), we've found the error and corrected our ways. It may not be in the next immediate iteration of the game, but we've got a fix in place. Will be classed as a 'closed' report and locked and finished. 
  • By Design - We want it that way! Tell me why? So, we have. For 'By Design' bug reports, I will add a point as to why the game has been designed that way. Also classed as a 'closed' report like 'Solved'. Some answers here may not be ideal (Disclaimer), but there may be wider factors as to why it is 'By Design' that are not available for discussion at this time. But I'll try my best and get an answer for as many as I can 🙂  

We also recommend reading through any previous reports you've made and added and see what the feedback is. Some may simply be tags due to replication on other platforms.

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