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Bug Reporting Rules | PLEASE READ


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You’ve found a problem and don’t know how to correctly report it. Below are the key rules in Bug Reporting in our forums. Following these and the template available help us improve the game. Also, a key factor of deciding who gets invited to our programs that reach out for community testers, like the BETA programs for new games, is bug reporting skills and feedback. Create good reports, and there’s a good chance we’ll accept your application onto such programmes in the future 👍

  • Before reporting, check the ‘Known Issues’ thread to see if we are already away of the problem. 
  • Use the top right search bar to see if the issue has already been reported by someone else. Maybe we’ve already seen your issue, and possibly solved it. If you find the same open report, add your bug report, in full, to that post. 
  • Complete the template in full. Having an incomplete bug report doesn’t provide us the information we need to action your report and will be tagged ‘awaiting information’. If, after 7 days, your report has not been updated, it will be deleted. This is so we can manage the threads on the forums better. 
  • Good titles make good reports. Having a descriptive title, identifying gamemode, platform, problem and replication stats really improves the chance of your problem being looked at, understood and solved. Other people can get involved on your post too then. Something like – [Xbox][Rewards screen] – Incorrect text in Rewards screen (5/5) is a great example to follow.
  • Provide screenshots and video where possible. Add the video in the 'Choose Files' section below or unlisted video if it’s too big. Having something to watch directly really helps us understand your issue.
  • One bug per report. Posting multiple bugs is not useful for us and doesn’t give your fellow community members a chance to contribute to your reports. It also compromises our ‘tagging’ system so we can’t feed information back to you. Multiple bug reports will also be deleted.  
  • Only post a bug report after you have attempted replication 4 times. A one-off bug with no method of replication is useless to us. If you only see it once, don't report it until you can make it happen regularly. Instead of digging and trying to work out a Replication method for something that might or might not exist, we can use our time to report accurate bugs and fix definite problems. 
  • [Multiplayer] - REPORT CODES, REPORT CODES, REPORT CODES. This is the 16-digit code in the bottom left of your screen. We need as many of these from Multiplayer as possible. Get yours, your teammates, your rivals, Jeff's, Carl's, everyone's. Add as many report codes from that session you can, all in the same report, helps us find issues and notice problems. 

Just as a final reminder, incomplete or reports breaking these rules will be tagged with ‘awaiting information’ and, if not updated, deleted within 7 days. We want to try our absolute best to respond to as many reports as possible, and we had a lot of reports last year that didn’t provide anything we could use and took up a LOT of forum space.

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