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On 2/3/2021 at 4:01 PM, biggzy1867 said:

No offence intended but these setups are terrible in race trim. 1-4 wings at Russia? Are you insane??


No offence taken and thanks for the feedback, my setups are labelled as TT setups and they are a base for members to work from, and in turn share their race trims on the forum.

Thank You


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Hi Guys,

I am struggling to get a qualifying lap time on my Trident in Baku (Dry weather). It took me some time to figure out to pass the tyre management practice, but still I have the feeling I am too slow, while the delta lap time to beat is a 1:55:100. My best lap time has been no better than 1:57:240. My AI is set at 75%, PS4 controller and all assists off apart from gearing.

I have checked the setups posted in here but they are for time trial, so did anybody figure out a good setup to beat the above time?

I seem to struggle in the central part of the track, where traction is essential. Any hints or advice please? Thanks in advance.

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