So this is what I'm talking about. Started a new MyTeam save with a Ferrari engine. This is the Power R&D ranking: Season 1, day 1. Piddly little startup team and yet my Ferrari engine is faster than Ferrari themselves. Actually even on par with Mercedes, which is crazy. This needs to be balanced properly. Saying "We're keeping player power units as they are to keep balance" is completely contradictory to what's actually happening. People expected their MyTeam engines to take a hit after the real-life performances that we've had this season. I can't help thinking that the devs' time has been taken up more by eSports, fixing issues and the contractual pressures that come with it. Hence why this took so long to come out, and then done half-heartedly. Edit: Going to link @BarryBL to this. As @tarrantino said, if you want a realistic experience, you can no longer use a Ferrari engine with MyTeam, because it hasn't been balanced with the Ferrari AI.
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