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In the game, it’s not possible to recreate the real onboard cams, because it’s the negative angle is to less to make it possible and you should have the opportunity to set the vertical higher, to be safe, that’s the right camera, even Toms Cam is not so high, but I had my own experience.  The easiest example is the Ray-Ban Logo from the Ferrari onboard, in real life with a higher position an more negative angle, you can see the whole lettering, Ingame it’s not possible because you can’t set the the huge negative angle and the vertical higher. That was one thing I noticed sind F1 2017 with the too positive angle and the vertical, which isn’t high like in real life, and I don’t think it’s a huge problem, because it’s just add more negative angle and a higher cam position. I hope you work on it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you can see the mirror stands to the tyre, to clarify it.

PS: Please remove the Weichai, because it’s not Ferrari’s sponsor anymore.


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well to be honest in my opinion i rarely race in offset tcam only times i use it is in replays of stuff or when i'm spectating i wouldn't say it's game changing and i think there are some other things that should need fixing rather than this which does not affect gameplay but maybe in a future update possibly down the line

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