Hello, i don't know if the problem is with my system or it will be patched, but i'm experiencing a very annoying bug. In Australia(especially near T3) the tree's (also the fence's shadows) shadows are being drawn when i'm close to them, and it's looking like the threes are basically respawning whenever i come close to them, wich is extremely annoying, almost makes the game unplayable. I've never had an issue like this in F1 2019 or in previous games, even though i'm running the exact same graphics settings(high preset, with crowd and mirrors turned down to low, 16x AF, AA: TAA+Fidelity Fx Sharpening). The game is running the with the same fps(90 on average)too, and overall it runs great with no problems, expect this. I use the latest nvidia drivers, and didn't change anything in the nvidia control panel. I'm using a hp omen gaming laptop, specs are: intel-core i7-8750h nvidia geforce gtx 1060(6gb vram) 16gb ram 1tb hdd, 500gb ssd(i have the game installed on the hdd) I know that i'm on a laptop, but no, it isn't overheating, the laptop is placed on a laptop cooling fan. I attached a dxdiag file as well. I hope that this will be fixed, bc otherwise the game is great. Have a nice day! DxDiag.txt