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Swift Racing League - LF Commentators AND SIGNING DRIVERS FOR F1 2020! (8PM BST, SAT AND FRI ON PC)

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Hello I am the owner of Swift Racing League.

We are now allowing drivers to sign up for F1 2020 after 3 seasons of F1 2019.

We have two leagues. One for Friday and Saturday which are both at 8PM BST. **PC**

Please join the server if you are interested and use the form provided to get signed up. Will only take 3 mins.


I am looking for 1 or 2 people who can give up their spare time and commentate on our races 😄

I am looking for:

Someone who can run F1 and stream at the same time

Someone who has good skill and knowledge to commentating

Our race is always on a Friday at 8PM BST

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