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Switzerland and have a 250Mbit wired connection and no never had a problem in online gaming before(PS4)

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On 8/27/2020 at 9:35 AM, oner7 said:

It is obvious a connection problem. Some of us have this error, some of us not.

In addition to this, I have a 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' issue that appears when I try to return to Main Menu after a TT session. The game sticks with this screen and only way to pass this through is restarting game. Somehow the game stops communicating with the server and the game stays there forever with the 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services'

I am curious whether the guys here have the same problem (Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services) besides TT leaderboard issue.

Same thing happens to me but quite rarely.

On 8/27/2020 at 12:34 AM, Ultra3142 said:

I just did something like 15 laps of China, checking the leaderboard several times, with no issues. This included improving my own time and beating rivals so it was using the full functionality of the leaderboard.

I've also just tried switching between different tracks in TT, and also between wet and dry condition. In all cases the leaderboard populated after 2-3 seconds.

I'm using an original PS4 if this is relevant.

I wonder if this is in some way relating to internet connection settings or performance?

I'm on a standard PS4 too (bigger HDD than the original though) and I have the game as a hard copy. I live in a rural part of Finland - connection is not great but it's okay. I can play all other multiplayer games without issues, although sometimes I do get NAT failures with certain people on PSN parties etc.

I rarely switch tracks in TT. Usually it's just the same track with the same car all session. It can happen very quickly or after several hours, but it happens at some point almost every time.

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