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Monthly is broken (atleast for me)


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Just finished the monthly and it only counted half the races. After every second race (the one right before repairs), it says "The online event has already expired, so your time could not be entered". But it did register those races, that are right after repairs.

According to time, I should be (bearly) in the top tier (atleast after 21 stages, I don't know what my final time was).

My time after Bronfelen was 108:05.708, to be in top tier after the 21st stage, you need to be below 109:49

But according to event details, after Bronfelen, my time is 158:17.641. So thanks to this bug I'm gonna miss out on a decent sum of credits :( On the positive side, I'm a bit more confident on the track now, especially with the Stratos :)
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Yep it's bugged. It was supposed to expire 30 minutes ago. I was trying to complete it yesterday and got the same messages, after doing the first 3 stages it hadn't counted one of my stage times and I was 8 minutes behind, so I gave up on it.
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Malyngo said:
That is what I meant is a bug.
But I assumed that it expired right in the middle when you were doing it.

You just said that it still had 15 hours on timer, I think it was yesterday evening when I looked, and it had 16 hours to go, so it should have expired something like 2 hours ago or so (so something like 9 or 10 AM UTC), but I am not sure about that.

Can someone confirm when exactly the event ended?
I am curious if the timer did show you a wrong time, which wouldn't be very nice.

According to my screen the event ended 1hour 54 minutes ago.
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I was getting that error message with two days left, so I quit doing the monthly.
Not being able to do the stages on my schedule was one of my complaints early on about the monthly events.
I had time earlier in this month to do them, when they would have counted, but they weren't available yet.
This bug prevented me from squeezing them in at the last minute, which was going to be more of a chore at that point, rather than something fun.

I think they need to take a good look at the payout and upgrade systems in general.
The stuff I really want to do, which is primarily compete against my friends in league events, doesn't contribute to progression within the game.
Anything you do should provide some level of advancement, in a well designed game.
I shouldn't have to skip the parts of the game I enjoy, to buy new cars.
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