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Manual ERS (FP only not Races)

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@jrod22145 as far as anecdotes and personal experiences go, what you're reporting regarding your qualy and race events have never happened to me. Which does not mean that there isn't an issue with ERS, but it goes both ways.

I can easily harvest a surplus without any significant change to my driving expect not using the OT mode. Regarding hotlap, unless you were going over longer racing lines I can't think of a reason for running short of juice before the finish line.

I do all my practice programmes but I never thought the ERS one would actually serve to calibrate your ERS deployment map.

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15 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

I think we can a bit in the same way you described in your post - by altering driving style. Not using Overtake will also increase charge of course.

As previously mentioned the problem is if you set ERS to none it only harvests energy under braking and whilst coasting off throttle.. This is not accurate. The MGU-H logic seems off and backed up by Nico and Max. AC which has this accurately coded by Ferrari insight does not behave this way as well..

Maybe CM have their reasons for this however if they are somewhat trying to mimic real life then they should change the harvest logic..

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5 hours ago, jrod22145 said:

The real problem IMO is that you cannot map your ERS deployment in any way.  Even being in Medium for an entire lap and not using the overtake button at all in the race, I’ve found myself running out of ERS on the way to the Start/Finish line.  Same thing in qualifying, you run out of ERS before you complete the lap.

On which track or tracks? I've not seen this happen yet. For qualifying, are you switching ERS to None for the out-lap and just switching it up to Hotlap in time for the start of the actual qualifying lap?

5 hours ago, jrod22145 said:

 I’m fairly sure the teams do their best to ensure this doesn’t happen to be sure they’re getting the best run down the longest straights and not wasting ERS on the tighter twistier sections.  I will also freely admit I was one of the ones who truly enjoyed micromanage the ERS and Fuel mix corner by corner, lap by lap and would really love to go back to the way it was.  Unfortunately that won’t happen, which is fine but there’s got to be a way for us to program the ERS deployment to be more efficient than it currently is, maybe the ERS practice program?

I'm probably unusual but the ERS micromanagement actually put me off buying the F1 2018 and 2019 games, with it's removal being part of the appeal of F1 2020. I totally understand those who learned to be good at this missing it though. 

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