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[Time Trial]Crash Report just after crossing finish line

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Anyone running AMD drivers I can report 20.5.1 stable on 1909. DDU'ed, Radeon Settings quick set for Gaming, ReLive recording enabled.

Anyone running Nvidia drivers I can report 442.74 not crashing on 1909 (there is a stutter when beating your rival). DDU'ed, GFE not installed, just driver only.

Discord and Steam overlay running and working OK.

Extended MyTeam and 50% races, TT and GP modes all working ok.

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I know it has gone to Developers, 

But I have missed this (possibly) important post which stated that it may crash "only when you beat your rivals time". Which presumably means the game has to go off and collect more information from the online servers, rivals ghost etc.

Just beating your own time does NOT appear to cause the crash.


From this thread.


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39 minutes ago, Reece251 said:

Makes sense @TeenierNeilb69 but I can't even get a rivals time after beating my default ghost. It doesn't seem to upload my time at all and just resets to the default ghost when I go back into time trial.

This sounds like a machine permissions issue to be fair or even connectivity. Not the same issue. I suggest you delete and reinstall your game.

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