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"Always lowest Refresh Rate on start" bug...


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Every time I load the game, it defaults to 24Hz refresh rate, the lowest available...
This is what I am talking about (captured with Dxtory):

This is a bug that was present in previous Codemasters games, at least since Grid 2:

Grid Autosport

Grid 2:

I have a 290x with a DVI Acer 120Hz as Secondary display and an HDMI as Primary that is connected to an Onkyo receiver and then to a projector, but it happen

It doesn't matter if I disconnect the secondary display or not. Every time the game launches, the Primary display refresh rate is set to 24Hz, even if the game is still set to 60, 59, 50 or whatever in the Config menu.

Very disappointed to see the same problem being carried on across 3 different games from the same studio.
BTW, this problem does NOT happen in any other games I play.

Is there anybody else with similar configuration suffering this problem too?
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Hey, i stumbled upon something that could be considered as a workaround.

I chose a super-sampling resolution from the in-game video options, like 2560x1440 (my TV is 1080p). A lower res, (but still higher than the native res of your display) works too.
Then i restarted the game because the resolution change messed up the aspect ratio of the menus and only a restart could fix that.
Next game launch, it was set to 60Hz, 2560x1440.
By running a non-native resolution, it actually remembered the 60 Hz setting.

I got a Radeon 7950 which does not support supersampling resolutions by default like the newer Radeons do, so i had to use a tool named VSRenable.
To whoever might be interested, this tool makes it possible to choose Virtual Super Resolutions from within games/desktop, which as the name implies are resolutions higher than what your display supports.

Instructions and download links for the tool on the first post:

This tool is supposed to work on older AMD HD 5XXX , 6XXX and 7XXX (Tahiti), RX 2XX (Hawaii) Series GPUs.
The obvious drawback is the extra GPU horsepower needed to support those supersampling resolutions, but at least now it keeps the Hz settings everytime the game is launched. Also you could lower / turn Anti-Aliasing OFF now, since supersampling takes care of jagged edges. Extra AA on top of running a supersampling resolution could be overkill/an unnecessary burden for your GPU.

Codemasters please look into a true fix for this issue.
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And 0.6 version still have the same bug.

Setting a VSR resolution is not a very good workaround. At 1080p my 290x can maintain constant 60fps at Ultra, but at 1440p that's totally impossible.

Come on Codies...     how hard can it be to fix this stupid bug?
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