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How to get into second MFD menu?

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I need some help to figure out how to access the second part of the MFD, where I can select tyre compound at the next pitstop as and so on. I can get into the MFD fine, circle through the various car data tabs and both "talk to pit crew" tabs but I can't find out how to get into the menu where I select tyre compound.

Going through settings and buttom mappings and such doesn't help me, watching the tutorial says nothing whatsoever about how the MFD works.

I've played 2019 for almost a year not realising that it existed, found out about it watching a youtube video today and have tried just about everything to find it now in 2020 but I can't.


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It really depends on what you are using, on Xbox controller it is B and on ps4 its circle, after tapping it once to bring up fuel menu, its one-tap again. It's not on the menu where you speak to Jeff or if it is I still prefer the method I just described.

I probably didn't help.

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Not really but thanks anyway.

To add then. I'm on PC and I'm using a Thrustmaster T300RS GT and I've mapped the MFD to button 5 (ring), "radio" to 5 (square). I don't know what other key it can be.

Tried mapping a quick button for car setup to 3 (triangle) but that does nothing no matter where I am, on track or in pit


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1 hour ago, grayslake1002 said:

Lakrits.. now that youve found it. Why don't you share your wisdom with everyone.
As someone new to F1 2020 (and all gaming). I find this software a piece of ****.

No fricking documentation on how to do anything.

Now, please share how to setup MFD. 


Press your RADIO button. Afterwards you can toggled with the MFD button through the various voice commands. 

I’m guessing that’s what the op needed to know. 

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