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Buggy camera "after retry practice program" XBOX one

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Hey guys I got the game yesterday, but it is still buggy! If you are playing on a wheel and retry a practice program: -the steering wheel suddenly changes the camera angle while you drive and the brake pedal “looks” backward when you press it. I’ve tried to restart the whole game and try again and just restarting the program over again without any luck. The only way to get the controls back to normal is to return to the garage and drive back out again.


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Same happening to me. After retrying a practice program the brake pedal suddenly starts to look back (it also works to brake). Button "A" which is the standard to look back no longer works to look back when that happens. Checking the wheel button assignments shows nothing weird, the brake pedal isn't assigned to look back, but it does

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What wheel are you guys using? I have a Podium DD1 with F1v2 wheel and started having that same issue on F12019. It seems to have started after a firmware update. I discovered that if I go to the edit screen for the wheel then just back out without making any changes it goes away. Might be an xbox thing also.

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I have the same issue, here is your bug report. I don't understand why people who don't follow the template are simply ignored, but those are the rules it seems.

1.       After pressing retry practice programme, turning the wheel fully to the right of left activates look left or look right, applying full brake pressure activates look behind.
2.       1.03 - Xbox One X
3.       All
4.       All the time after pressing retry practice programme.
5.       Restarting the session fixes the issue.
6.       TM TX base, TM Open wheel rim, T-LCM pedals
7.      Self explanatory from above 

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