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Race Suit / Helmet Sponsor Colour issue My Team Mode

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Actually there is an issue with the colour of sponsors on race suits and helmets being random.

My Team Mode

PS4 Pro

Actual Version

For example:

Car sponsor color is White = suit/helmet sponsor is Yellow

Car sponsor is Purple = on suit/helmet sponsor color is Red


There is actually no option for the helmet or Suit Sponsor colors. Sadly they mess up my whole Color scheme ^^ hope we will get the option soon!


I play on PS4 Pro but heard that this issue effects all platforms 

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I'd submit screenshots and a bug template if you feel it's not meant to be that way, more likely to get a reply. Which mode too? As I've found in customisation menu it changes dependant on which car livery you have active. I've not attempted myteam yet though. 

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Same for me my sponsor is yellow on the suit and I can’t change the color on the helmet either. When I change the colors of my sponsor on the car either they stay yellow on the suits and helmets or they change different colors that I did not choose.

hopefully they fix this quickly

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