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Current weekly event - France / Ricciardo

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Hey guys,

I have been playing F1 games for years, but I recently started to go online to be more serious about it.

A few days ago I noticed a 'weekly event' - in this case 'getting Ricciardo to 6th'....and as this is my first weekly event I am full of questions I don't find the answer to online or on this forum.

First of all....when I set the AI too low, I immediately get in front of Hamilton, just to get blue flag warnings straight after that.

If I set the AI too high, I have issues catching up (and end up 8th or some) and get harrassed by blue flags by Bottas in the last 2 rounds


What is the right choice here....when getting blue flags (even in the corner bit) you get slammed by a 5 sec penalty....if you try to give way, it costs you more than a second....(that's why I chose to get less percentage AI initially) cause Hamilton nor Bottas have the speed to catch up unless you let go of the right pedal...


How are the points calculated? I don't seem to find anything online....I am now in the 60% percentile, but don't know how to improve....raising the AI percentage causes my noob ass just to go after Hamilton and not really get the mission done (this is at 70% AI - I'm currently driving with an Xbox controller on PC - looking to get a wheel, allthough not sure what that would help).


Any advice is appreciated ! 



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