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G29 Wheel not showing in F1 on PC


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Just got the Logitech G29 wheel and I was looking forward to playing F1 2019. It's not working.

The wheel works in other games outside steam. But isn't available when I go into schematics in the settings.

It appears in control panel, its in Steam controller setting but with no binds attached all boxes are unticked (ive seen people suggest this). we have the G hub software for it and reinstalled it. we have reinstalled steam and now Im reinstalling f1 2019 we don't think it's a problem with the wheel we think its a problem with steam or f1 2019

Does anyone know the problem and how to fix it. from what ive seen we're not the only ones with this issue but haven't seen replies or fixes.

Please Help if you can Thxs

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