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Steering on low angle/V-shaped turns

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I've been a Controller Assists-On player since F1 2012 (Full Brakes and Auto Gearbox), so, this year, I bought a G29 and started to playing without assists (light changes by time). Right now I'm playing with low brakes,auto gear and full tc (bc it's basically impossible to reaccelerate without the rear-end spininng the car 180, even in medium tc). Altough, I'm facing a problem with acute angle curves (Australia T3 and T15; Bahrein T1, T4 and T8; Austria T3 and T4; etc.)

When I steer the wheel, the car does the same movement, but it doesn't turn completely. I thought it might be the FFB/Calibration settings, but with the setup I have, the car basically does the exact same movement as the wheel and it also feels nice in all other kinds of turns. Then, I thought it was my breaking, but when I put the Brakes Assist on High, it stayed the same thing. So, I figured out that I was pressing the throttle pedal while I was turning in, so I stopped doing that and I put the Throttle Deadzone to 40. Even with all that, I'm still getting low response in closed turns and most of the times I end up over the kerb on the exit of them.

So, is there a trick or something like that to get these kind of turns right? I'm trying my best to break correctly, steer the wheel to set the car on the correct line and only then I press the throttle again, but sometimes either I break too much, losing a lot of time and having to steer even more, or I accelerate too late.

If it might help, these are my Game and Software settings.
Steering Saturation - 5
Throttle Deadzone - 40
Brakes Deadzone - 10
FFB Strength - 50
On-Track - 30
Rumblestrip - 40
Off-Track - 20
Wheel Damper - 10
Understeer Enhance - On

Steering Sensitivity - 45
Rotation - 360
Spring Force Centering - 30
Brake Sensitivity - 100
Throttle Sensitivity - 25

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I have wheel also have difficulty in some corners especially hairpin Monaco car doesn't turn right their Singapore also 

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