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My Team - Tyre Strategy Disqualification Bug

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On my team on the second last lap I always receive a message saying that I have to pit for tyres as I have not used all the compounds. However having started on softs and changed to mediums this should not be the case. Race always ends in disqualification which is infuriating after sitting in a points position before having to pit to avoid disqualification! Plz fix as makes the game unplayable at the moment..... (Issue has only started from the Baku GP onwards 25% race)

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I've found a short term fix. Before the start of the race you need to edit your strategy and slightly move the amount of fuel. Then you don't get the glitch. Hope this helps while we wait for a fix. You would have thought someone would test these sorts of things before release haha

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Can you complete a bug report if you are still reporting this @bastie10

Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow and complete the template below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link:


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Version 1.09

In my team mode and in career mode the mature are laid out differently than F1 2019! 

Is this normal?

the picture are from F1 2019 version 1.22!! tires strength  hard, balance and softer

F1® 2019_20201002172243.jpg

F1® 2019_20201002172250.jpg

F1® 2019_20201002172256.jpg

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