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A few issues and bugs with PS4 version and features I'd like to suggest.

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Not sure if anyone else are having these but if you are or noticing something different or would like to see these features let me know

Some names missing in online multiplayer

When playing online I've noticed some names have been missing, like not showing at all in the lobby, on telemetry, or above the car. It's just a blank space. 

This didn't seem too much of a problem until we had one guy constantly taking us out on the track and we couldn't figure out which one they were to kick them.


This one is a bit lighter but when I was in my team mode on the introduction to my first race at Melbourne I had a cameo from ***** on the lake looking like he was trying to open his invisible car.

This was obviously hilarious, I would love codemasters maybe give him a re-skin and keep him as a feature for the future.

Another glitch I've encountered was when just touching the curb the car immediately slammed into the opposite wall at Mach 3 then crashing my game, this was on the time trial mode when I was racing around Zandvoort.


It did soft lock my G29 as well with the FFB being stuck in full right lock at what felt like 100% FFB. I hope this one is fixed before as if this happens to someone with a DD Wheel it might break their thumb/wrists.

Texture rendering

During my time playing in solo a few times I've seen the textures either really flat or just not rendered in properly giving them a weird pixelated edge or pixelated graphic, this mainly happens on the trees, edge of characters or car, and on signs so luckily it's nothing too major but can be a little distracting sometimes.


Features I'd like to see 

I like how we can customize multiple liveries, characters, and emblems as well as now being able to get more from pitstop points that are easy enough to obtain, however if I go into a multiplayer car server I'd like the option of being able to change my livery or suit of my character if I have the wrong one selected.

I had this last night when I thought I had selected one of the Micheal Schumacher  liveries but had the default one and had no option to change it without backing out of the lobby, changing it, and then coming back in before the race start.

I'd also think being able to change Character suits, helmets, poses, and celebration animations from the lobby would be amazing as well as being able to immediately equip a new item as soon as it's unlocked if needed.

I'm not saying put the entire editor into the online lobbies but have the option of changing the thing you want from the list of designs we've created.

I think another would be a online multiplayer F1 Challenge game mode similar to how the invitational events are in the campaign mode of F1 2019.

The game mode can be separate to the rest similarly to how the weekend events are, offering a new way to show off and hone skills, whilst giving new challenges to earn items or pitstop points based on where you place.

They could include:

Furthest distance traveled in 5/10 mins

Number of overtakes made within a time limit 

Clean lap race: More points are awarded for every clean lap completed within a time limit on short tracks with strict corner cutting and 5 AI or 5 player opponent

These game modes will be weekly, with only 3 attempts being given to the player, per week, to get the best score within a table of 50-100 players.

The table should be randomised so everyone has a fair shot at the top spot to get the best prize, with the prize system being the same as the weekend challenges.

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Not in line with bug reporting rules. Please post ONE bug, and complete reports for it.

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9 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

Not in line with bug reporting rules. Please post ONE bug, and complete reports for it.

Hey Barry, I'll understand the system codi now want to use for bug reports, but it ain't all black and white always. Is there any way for post like @Spr1ngz2mind to post? 


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