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Voice Controls Unavailable

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  1. Issue description: Upon launch, the game tells me that voice controls are unavailable. I try using voice commands in game (single player, myteam career) with no success.
  2. Game version: 1.03
  3. Game mode: Menu screen. Also Single Player MyTeam career, in practice, quali, and race.
  4. Replication attempts: 12.
    Replication steps:
    1. Launch the game (Steam, DX12)
    2. Press any button to continue when told to do so
    3. Observe the bottom left corner of the screen for the error message, which reads "Voice Control Unavailable", preceded by an audio spectrum-like icon
  5. Troubleshooting that I've attempted:
    1. Enable mic access in Windows Privacy Settings (game is not listed here)
    2. Set correct microphone as default (it is the only one enabled)
    3. Check that the mic works by listening back through control panel (it does)
    4. Check that the mic works by taking a recording (it does)
    5. Restarting the game
    6. Restarting my laptop
  6. Peripherals: Logitech G29 Wheel and Pedals (With H pattern shifter, if that matters)
  7. Screenshots: Attached 

2020-07-09 (1).png

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