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If I were Codemasters...

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And I have witnessed the excitement of the fans to see a good selection of touring cars come back to the GRID. I would want to capitalize on that.

By releasing just a couple of cars from each series, we get to enjoy a good mix of racing. I can see the appeal in doing it like that but some won't be too keen on the Utes but might love the Touring cars. The Open Wheelers may be the racing type of choice for another whilst not really be a fan of anything else but all of you have just brought the new game and so I want to capitalize on that but in a way that felt like we are all winners.

I would do so by releasing Series DLC packs where by each series pack would contain just one discipline of car and the remaining tracks from the real life series. I would charge £15 for the first pack, £12 for the second, £8 for the third, and £5 for the forth and last one.

The beauty of pricing it like this is all of the packs would be available at the same time and it would be up to the customer to decide which full series they want to pay for. The more you buy, the cheaper each pack would work out to be but if you were only interested in racing in the BTCC, then it would only cost you one DLC pack. It's faultless and would boost my revenue very nicely :)

What would you do if you were Codermasters?
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If I knew you were going to charge them prices before I bought the game I wouldn't buy the game at all.

Not a fan of DLC if I'm honest especially when its planned before a game is released. If I'm paying full price for a game I want it to be the full game at release date.

Didn't buy any DLC for any previous codemasters games and nor will I in the future.
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And DLCs have away of dividing the online community. Especially like the single track DLCs that were done for GRID 2. :(

Here a great pic by Flumper to show how DLCs can't screw things up online for players that want to race DLCs online ( GRID 2 ):

Downloadable content required

All the players in pic have the SPA track DLC, but can any of these players race the SPA track together?

Bugbear take note if decide to take the DLC route instead of using an expansion pack.
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I rather see Codemaster release everything that they had finished than putting them in separate small DLCs. I really hope Endurance will be expanded after release as it is quite bland compared to Touring.

Also, some licensing might only be granted even after the game gone Gold so there is always some DLC content. Or unfinished content will be pushed over to DLC cause they could not finished it on time. There is no reason to hold back content if its finished.

I am in a crowd funded racing game. There are actually tonnes of content that we had to push it to post release because of lack of time or man power to complete it or some content are plagued with expensive licensing issues.
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sgll said:
All DLC should be free, no matter what the game is. 
You're right when you're talking about cars, tracks, maps or guns.

But seriously, some DLC's are so complete like Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Undead Nightmare, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned that if they charged 30US$ it would still be cheap.
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