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1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. (I have a Xbox One S and everytime I load in it says there is no Kinect detected so I can't use voice commands.) My console never cam with a Kinect and I use a gaming headset with a mic is there any reason why that can't be used.  I had the same issue with 2019 and nothing was done and it is frustrating.  The kinect is no longer being supported by Xbox so why use it?
2.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) Version 1.02
3.       Game-mode?  The entire game
4.       What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 
5.       What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I have tried plugging in an USB microphone and completely closing down my xbox and power cycling it.
6.       What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc)  I am using a gamepad with turtlebeach battle buds for sound and a Logitech G920 for driving.
7.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.   None

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Happens to me often but it's just a Kinect issue, not F1 related:

To solve it you can try a deep reset of the Xbox:
1) turn on the Xbox
2) Press the power button on the console and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds.
3) Turn on the console

Usually works for me!

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The most frustrating things is that through the years we never have any official Codemasters interaction or feedback concerning this.

I'm starting to believe that's actually their fault and not Microsoft. Maybe they don't want to change this audio feature for Xbox this generation, even though Kinect doesn't exist anymore.

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