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F1 2020 Split Screen

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I'm really happy as an Xbox 1 pre-order F1 2020 user daily. I'm absolutely loving My Team. I have 2 careers, one normal one and one where someone else is the owner. My Team is amazing but split screen I have a few questions for. Me and my brother have been waiting for split screen to come back but we noticed there were quite a few features that were missing in split screen (For example: Live timings, Team radio (We love Jeff 😂), Practice, longer qualifying, formation lap and Safety Car) we were wondering how long til they are added in, if they're are at all. We are also waiting for the performance patch, just wondering when you guys are thinking of releasing it. Thanks a lot, Codies have outdone themselves with my team, absolutely love the game, just wondering about Split screen.

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I asked these questions previously, I don't have the discussion I had with Barry because it was a hidden forum which ended a few days before f1 2020.

The response very shortened:

Split screen is a casual fun game mode. 

You can't have 2 Jeff's

Practice, S. Car , Formation lap, full quali won't be added in 2020.

They told me they could add some of these in future games.

I hope that helps you @BroSki0227

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