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[PC] F1 2019 doesn't start at all


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I had to reinstall the game after I had to reinstall Windows 10
But now the game doesn't start
800,450https://i.imgur.com/PoWzUfs.jpg[/img] I click on 'Spelen' (Play)

Now I select the first option (I also tried the one below but also no result)
Again I click on 'Spelen' (Play)
Seems that the Game is starting

But after a few seconds it goes back to this

I've already tried to play the game after closing Steam.

I've also checked the AV software but still no result.

I've but steam on my F drive. as I use C drive only for SSD

Under F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common I can see a map for F1 2019.

Starting on this way doesn't either help.

In the past I could play this game without Issues.

Is it possible that there should be somewhere another Map for F1 2019 and that this one is deleted?


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