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Can't join multiplayer games

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1.       Cant join any multiplayer game modes, it says joining session at 100% and than i gives out an error.
2.      1.03
3.       all multiplayer game modes
4.       tried alot of times, at league games with friends or at open lobby, always the same error
5.       tried using static IP, reinstall the game, couldnt find any other solutions
6.      using kyeboard and ps4 controller
7.   Video

End phrase error says "Failed to join session"

Please help. Got this game to play online with friends and can't do that!

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1 hour ago, astigog said:

I have the exacte same issue. No error code just failed to join session.

I also play on PC, with wired connection.I tried clearing the WER folder and reinstalling the game. (Attached DxDiag's)

DxDiag(F1 reinstalled).txt

DxDiag(F1 uninstalled).txt


posted on steam an reddit too, about 10 replies with the same problem, no one can figure it out.

love the game, but got it to play online, sadly thinking about refunding it =(

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Hi there, I managed to solve it for me and maybe this can help someone else.


First of all I noticed that my solve problems told me that windows had problems trying to obtain automaticly my proxy. So i made a reset to my router and computer and nothing worked but then did a bit of research.


But to sum up, this is what i did and made it work. Now i can join unranked and ranked but i still get sometimes the error nm14 in the ranked ones.


First open the system console (AS ADMINISTRATOR)


Then type this comands, don't worry it's all safe:


First we are going to serch and repair any corrupted or damaged files, using:


sfc /scannow


If there are any damaged files it will create a .txt with the report, you dont need it but just in case you want to take a look. I looked at it but didn't understant a s***t.


Then we are going to run a couple of comands to reset our IP and proxy, we are goint to resset the connection cofiguration. Type and enter this commands:


netsh winsock reset


netsh int ip reset


ipconfig /release


ipconfig /renew


ipconfig /flushdns


netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt


After this i runned the "sfc /scannow" again to make sure everything is allright. It should not longer create a .txt with the damaged files report.




Then RESET your PC and you should be able to join unranked and ranked sessions. Be patient the first time, and maybe you get an error on the ranked ones but in the end you should be able to join both sessions.

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