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Leaderboard stage times and rankings made available via userscript


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Hey guys,
for you interested in comparable stage times and rankings for weekly/monthly events i developed a user script i am glad to share with you.
The user script will run on the actual dirtgame.com leaderboards page.
Here is some example output of the stage 2 screen for this weekly event (outdated screenshot, the data is live)

Apart from current stage time and stage time diff compared to first, the (relative) ranking of this individual stage is shown per player in small numbers.
Hover over the S[n] header to get the top 20 of the stage (and your relative position if logged in).

How to get it:
This script is tested with Firefox, Chrome and Opera browser. You need to install an browser addon first if you havent already to be able to run user scripts.
For Firefox use addon "Greasemonkey", for Chrome and Opera use "Tampermonkey". Just google for its browser addon.

After the plugin is installed you can load my userscript here:

Install the script and reload the dirtgame.com website. You should see output as in screenshots for any events with stages > 1.

A few notes:
- Stage times and rankings are collected and computed per user view. It wont be able to deliver stage times that it does not know of or when data is missing. Eg: If you get an 'unknown' stage time for some entry in stage 4 of an event it means that the stage 3 (total) time of this player is uknown yet but is required to calculate the s4 time.
- The script will run after the page is fully loaded (actually after the async data on the page is loaded) so it will not delay the website at all.
- I do not query codies web servers at all to collect data, it is just the visible content on the users output page that is used.
- Additional stage data is delivered and computed on my personal server/database and contributed for all users.
- If a player does rerun a weekly/monthly event i will delete stage times whenever an update is recognized. However some entries remain on codies site until player finishes rerun which can lead to side effects.
- I do not store any personal information. The script is open source and can be viewed in detail.
- I might post updates in the future. Check the update functionality of the script or take a look back in this thread.
- This script might break any time the original web site changes.
- This script might break any time my server breaks :)

Please let me know if the script is working for you, you have any issues or some more ideas.

Ok, one last screenshot ;) Although it is already outdated again as jonny finished this stage with the same time..

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dgeesi0 said:
get this to work for all stages/cars and i will marry you.not just events and dailys.

the importance of this seems to be being missed at the moment.
Sure would be a great addition but we will have to wait for official site to implement that. I can only prepare data that is accessible somehow, the custom events stats are currently not. 

As for the script the transition to the new weekly events went fine so if you like you can compare stage times for them. I might also add support for league events.
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dailys and such im personally not bothered about.its just my times can compare i done everything imaginable to find my times when i play i cant.

it cant be that hard to just race and see my own time and position. :'(
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