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Change of color sponsors in my team. BUG/ERROR

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The game always gives me yellow sponsors. There is no way to change it.

Changing sponsor does not stop.

Monkey changed does not stop.

Changing the team colors does not stop.

Finishing a full season does not stop.

I have deleted the game data and start a new game and it remains the same.

I can only change the color of the sponsors in the car. In the jumpsuit and in the helmet it is impossible. They always make me yellow.


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I have the same problem. Changing the sponsor color to black works fine. As soon, as you want it to be white, you'll get yellow on the suits. Must be a bug. Hope they fix it asap. Maybe they let us choose the color of the sponsors on the suits seperatly from those on the car? Come on Codemasters, update this please!

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On 13/7/2020 at 8:15, Sonic2508 said:

Tengo el mismo problema. Cambiar el color del patrocinador a ***** funciona bien. Tan pronto como quieras que sea blanco, obtendrás amarillo en los trajes. Debe ser un error. Espero que lo arreglen lo antes posible. ¿Tal vez nos dejaron elegir el color de los patrocinadores en los trajes por separado de los del auto? Vamos Codemasters, actualiza esto por favor!


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