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My Team - Rating Slow rating? + Tire wear problem free practice

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I have a question about the rating of the second driver in "My Team", and also reported a tire wear bug.

first, I would like to have the opinion of people, for those who are in "My Team". I arrived in Mid-Season, I took Calderón as a teammate, she had a rating of 56, currently she only has a rating of 57, I was wondering if it was that long to raise the rating of a pilot, knowing that in the calendar I programmed a lot of things during the season to improve it, but raising its rating seems very slow to me, can you confirm?

Second thing, when I got to free practice 3 at the French GP, I noticed that the tires I used in free practice and 1 and 2 were ironed at 0% wear. Has another person had this problem? I specify that my career is in 100%.






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