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Voice Control Unavailable (PC)

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Whenever I load into the main menu at the bottom left it says "Voice Control Unavailable". When I get into a race I am unable to use voice commands to control the MFD.

I am r unning the most current steam version of the game.

The problem happens in any game mode that you should be able to use voice control for MFD

The problem happens ever time I open the game. No real way for me to recreate it, I just open the game an am unable to use voice control.

I have looked online for a fix and have been unable to find any that work for me. (This includes:
-Repairing the game on steam
-Disabling Cortana
-Reinstalling MSKinectLangPack_enUS.msi
and x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime.msi)


HyperX Cloud 2 headset(and mic)

Xbox one controller

I also have the same problem with F1 2019

Thanks in advance for any help


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10 hours ago, Simgiov said:

Be sure to DON'T have any program that uses the mic running when you start the game. For example, Discord. If you need it, start it AFTER you start the game.

I appreciate the help.  I tried to see if it was Discord causing the issue.

Sadly, this did not fix the problem.  I've repaired the x64_SpeechRuntime.msi file, repaired the MSKinect_Lang file, I've deleted and reinstalled as well.  No such luck.
No change in Voice Control status even with other apps closed that might use my microphone.  I also tried verifying, reinstalling, repairing and installing, and re-downloading the MSKinect and Runtime files with other apps off.  Still nothing changes.

Voice Control Unavailable.  1.05 on PC via Steam.

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if you are running speakers plugged into the back and mic plugged in the front (of pc), you have to unplug the speakers from the sound ports in the back.

yes most software that controls sound will disable the back plugs when you plug into the fronts..  but the game can only look at one set of inputs at a time it seems.


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Developers don't do any testing it appears. Bug repeated year on year with no actual solution.

W10 audio is a pain in the butt. Auto detect, wipe-your-ass tomf*ckery. You asked for it by playing dumb.

"Are you sure? Y/N"

"Really sure? OK/cancel"

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Make sure that the microphone you wish to use for voice control in the f1 games (2020 and past versions that include it), is set to the default recording device. Usually windows will set a headset mic as the default communication device, not the default recording device.

Setting your mic to default recording device should allow the game to detect the mic, its what i had to do in order to get the game to detect and use my mic for voice control In the f1 games.

I am in steam using windows 10.

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This took way to long to figure out how to fix but here is what worked for me:

Uninstall MSKinectLangPack and x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime  (If on windows 10 search add or remove programs then find these and uninstall them)

Then go to your game directory Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\installers  or F1 2020 if your playing that

Next install x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime

Then install MSSpeech_SR_en-IN_TELE

As well as MSKinectLangPack_enUS  (Or your langpack)

Lastly Restart your computer


This is what worked for me does not mean it will work for you but hope I can help a few people fix the issue.




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