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Understeer in Low-Medium Speed Corners


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Not sure if its a bug, or just a problem with my wheel but both F1 2020 and 2019 I've had massive problems with understeer. Really hoping its a problem with my wheel, because the cars shouldn't have that much understeer in low speed corners, its unnatural to the feel of the rest of the corners.

1.       I'll focus on 2020 as thats my current issue, and while I've noticed the issue on many corners, the right hander after the hairpin at Monaco best exemplifies my problem. After a minor turn in, the car goes straight into the barrier unless the car is brought to a crawl. I've been playing F1 games since the 90's and know this corner well and have never had the problems with it that I'm experiencing now(I don't remember 2019 being as bad for this particular corner either), although, as mentioned, its just one of many corners that do not seem right.

2.       1.03

3.       All

4.       First noticed it in My Team mode, but was able to recreate it in TT with Mercedes, with perhaps a slight improvement.

5.       Low-medium speed corners (T1 and T11 at Zandvoort, T10 at Shanghai and T7 at Monaco...that I can remember off hand)

6.       I've spent hours adjusting settings on my wheel and trying to find help on-line as well as adjusting the car set up, nothing solves the problem. Many tweaks only make overall handling worse.

7.       G920 wheel, on PC @ 360* rotation. Tried adjusting sensitivity, saturation and linearity with no luck.  

8.       N/A

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The G29 has the same problem, I thought I was doing to much speed. It's also noticeable in other corners as well, for instance high speed corners where you are not able to hug the curbs. 

Could this also be the problem resulting in a lot of oversteer when exiting corners?or is that me just throttling to hard mid corner ?

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Yup, sounds like the same problem. but I hadn't really noticed in in high speed corners, do you have examples?

I was having the oversteer problems as well, so I turned traction control up to medium and that seemed to solve it.

But you're right, turn in seems fine, its mid-corner where the traction is lost. Melbourne turn 3 as well, just remembering.

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